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372 reviews
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1 week ago

I was referred to Dr Norris by a provider at an Urgent Care clinic where I had gone to have a physical for my driver's license. That provider gave Dr Norris a high recommendation and told me that Dr Norris specialized in treating the medical problem that I was having. After receiving care by Dr Norris for the past several months, I am now so grateful that I was directed to him. I feel that I have received excellent service by Dr Norris as well as his nurse practitioner and physician's assistant and all of the staff at Pinellas Arrhythmia Associates. When I learned that I would likely need to undergo a medical procedure on my heart to offer me the best chance of correcting the rhythm disturbance that I was having, Dr Norris was very helpful in explaining all the needful information and in allaying my fears. I had some fears about the procedure and concern over the possibility that it might not be successful, but Dr Norris was very sensitive and compassionate and during one office visit he prayed with me about my decision. There are not many doctors that will do that for their patients! The day of my procedure finally came and I arrived at Morton Plant Hospital early in the morning. I was very happy with the way I was treated there and I have no complaints but only praises. Often people who undergo a procedure like I did are able to go home the same day, but my blood pressure was running low (likely from the anesthesia) and the nurses recommended that I stay at the hospital over-night. At 5am the next morning which was a Saturday, I was overjoyed to see Dr Norris come into my room with the good news that the procedure went well and the prospects were favorable for a positive outcome. I know that there are not many doctors who visit with their patients so early on a Saturday morning, but I also know that Dr Norris is not your ordinary doctor. I was also delighted to be visited by his nurse practitioner at around 7am that same morning. Overall I can say from my heart that I am thankful to God for His leading me to receive my care from Dr Norris and his staff. I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone with a broken heart like mine- they can mend it in more ways than one!

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1 month ago

Worst doctor I’ve ever been to. Went in for routine tests to create a baseline due to an extensive family history of cardiac incidents. Office staff was great until I got to Dr. Norris. He didn’t talk about my heart, briefly read my family history. Knows nothing about my current weightloss program, current weight lost, medical history of illness increasing weightloss struggles, and proceeded to immediately tell me ‘clearly you’re eating enough out you wouldn’t be fat’. With 0 medical history of anything other than cardiac concerns, proceeds to tell me I should only be eating once a day. And then shifts directly into ‘can I pray over you’? Where he proceeded to part that Jesus would help be with my fat issues. This was the most offensive, inappropriate, inhumane, non doctor like care I’ve ever received. What was supposed to be a first time appointment about my heart, left me with 0 discussion about my heart and a strange morning of ridicule and odd religious practices. What I would love to know is had I been a man would he have ever said half of the fat comments to me? Probably not. This man is a Middle aged white chauvinist with a god complex. Additionally, I’d love to see him go into a Dr appointment where his medical processional happened to be any other religion - say Wiccan and pray over him and see his reaction. My guess is he would be appalled. This place needs to remove any sign that they’re Christian or act in a godlike manner. There was 0 reflection of godlike kindness, humility, compassion or doctor like care. This man is an embarrassment to the medical community and I hope an embarrassment to the ‘Christian community’.

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1 month ago

Excellent treatment. Appointments are scheduled with ease. Wait time is very short. Dr Norris and staff are very professional, they explain tests, condition and proposed treatment thoroughly.

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2 months ago

The service provided by this team was exceptional. You will feel at peace knowing they will take care of your needs 100%.

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7 months ago

My mother has afib, and at the beginning of 2021 I started getting notices on my Apple Watch that I had periods of afib as well. The episodes increased to a point where I went to see Dr. Norris by early summer. I had done research on the Internet enough to know that cardio ablation was most successful sooner rather than later, and that there was great variability in success rates amongst doctors. I wanted to stack the odds in my favor, So I looked for a Doctor Who had a high success rate with cardio ablation. Dr. Norris has very good success rate. The initial plan was for me work on my weight, and to then go on a medication that would require a brief hospital stay to administer and regulate. I lost some weight, but as Delta variant took over hospital space in August, this was not viable. Dr. Norris put me on amiodarone , which put me into rhythm… And on December 13 he performed a cardio ablation. I have been in rhythm ever since. My experience at Morton Plant Hospital could not have been better… it was literally flawless in every respect. I’m off amiodarone, and I’m hopeful that I’ll be off the blood thinners soon. I couldn’t be happier.

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7 months ago

I am a post anesthesia nurse and I take care of ablation patients all the time. I never thought i would be experiencing it from the other side. I recently had a cardiac ablation with Dr. John Norris. He dispelled all my concerns about the procedure. He explained that his patients do not experience the back pain because of his gentile technique of moving the esophagus away from the ablated areas Also heartburn is sometimes a problem afterwards. I experienced no heartburn and did not need pain meds either. Dr. Norris and his staff were highly professional and answered all of my questions. I truly believe I had a successful outcome going from atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter to normal sinus rhythm because of Dr. Norris 's extra ordinary skill at this type of procedure but also because he prayed before and after the procedure in his office with me. If you are contemplating this procedure don't look any further. He is the doctor for you because he honors God and it doesn't get any better then that .My spiritual and physical needs were totally met and yours will be also.

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8 months ago

Just OK. Getting an appointment can be challenging, and the staff, while polite and friendly, herd you through the office like a cattle drive from place to place until the doctor appears. Regardless of what;s wrong, you will be told you need to lose weight (he's not wrong in my case, as I am carrying a few extra pounds, but it's hard to do that when you have cardiac things happening that need treatment). They also will drop you if you dont fit into their schedule or what they want you to do. I was to be admitted to hospital to be placed on a particular drug; I woke up 2 days prior to that and had an upper respiratory, so I asked to cancel and reschedule. Girl on phone said no problem, thanks for telling us. A few days later I get a call saying that since I hadnt gone to that hospital appointment, they now no longer wanted to see me for another six months (!). I guess you aren't allowed to get sick unless it's on their timetable. I went to a different doctor and got another opinion and a procedure done after the illness had resolved. Overall, he is solid, but better be prepared to do it his way or the highway.

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9 months ago

Thanks for body shaming me. I found a new doctor that conducted a series of test that provided me with the answer Aorta Blockage!!! The staff is extremely friendly.

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10 months ago

He has an excellent bedside manner and is highly recommended


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Residency: Internal Medicine, The Reading Hospital & Medical Center, Reading, PA
Internship: Medicine, The Reading Hospital & Medical Center, Reading, PA
MD: Temple University School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA
BA: Biology, Magna Cum Laude, Wittenberg University, Springfield, OH


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